about limited editions
What is Limited edition and how it benefits you?
I limit the number of prints that can be purchased on any one piece. Each piece is available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. The number of prints available on each size decreases from small to large. E.g. small 1/30, medium 1/15, large 1/5
Once all prints in the edition have sold, the print file is destroyed and no additional prints can be reproduced. This potentially places your piece in the realms of collectables. 
I use the highest quality of print production. All the papers and inks used are totally archival. The inks have a guarantee of longevity of up to one hundred years.
Each print is signed and has its own certificate and stamp of authenticity.
So If you're looking at buying one of my Limited Edition works, you are making an investment. 
Should you choose to sell in the future, I would suggest contacting me first, as some of my clients may have inquired about that print, only to find that edition sold out. Should they still be interested in purchasing the piece, I can work on your behalf if you so wish.
For any inquires on purchasing, please use Contact Gregory
To further information on protecting your print, please go to framing your print 

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